Is DCO a commision-compensated financial advisor or "Broker-Dealer"?

No. DCO Capital Management, LLC is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). We are fiduciaries, not salespeople like other financial advisors. DCO is under no obligation to sell or invest in any particular products or strategies. DCO is truly independent and unbiased.

Does DCO hold the assets of its clients?

No. DCO Capital Management is not a custodian of customer funds. Assets of our clients are held primarily at Charles Schwab & Co. Schwab is an industry-leader with stability, experience and excellent customer service. DCO also works with Fidelity and Interactive Brokers as custodians.

How do clients access their accounts at DCO Capital Management?

Clients have 24/7 access to their accounts and can either log in via the web or call an account representative. All access and secuirty to accounts is handled by custodians such as Charles Schwab & Co.

How is DCO aligned with its clients?

The partners of DCO and their families own all major investments alongside our clients.

How would you define DCO's investment strategy?

DCO Capital Management is the manager of the DCO Core Strategy, which is a concentrated value strategy, based on a deep expertise in fundametnal analysis. DCO Core Strategy portfolios typically hold 12-24 securities, investment horizon is long-term, with low turnover. DCO Capital also offers passive/index strategies for clients seeking greater diversification. DCO utilizes BlackRock iShares and Vanguard Funds for passive/index strategies.

What is the fee structure for DCO Capital Management?

DCO Capital Management is a fee only RIA. For the DCO Core Strategy, there is a 1% per annum fee based on client assets up to $1 Million. Passive/index accounts are charged a 25 basis point per annum fee on client assets.